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My name is Carol Hargreaves. I am developing an Aussie Stock App that focuses on rating stocks on their financial health on a scale of 1-10 and rating stocks on the likelihood of their stock price going up on a scale of 1-10.

Here’s my story…5 years ago I didn’t know anything about technology or developers. But one thing I did know, is statistical analysis, and how to rate products on the likelihood of being sold or how to rate customers on the likelihood of being a credit risk or how to rate a transaction on the likelihood of being fraudulent.

Another, thing about me, I enjoy challenges. Selecting which stocks to buy is challenging as there is a large amount of uncertainty in the stock market. But, I have a passion for stock trading & analytics, so even though stock trading is challenging, I still enjoy it. So, too with analytics, even though problem solving is challenging, I enjoy the challenge!

So, with my statistical and analytical knowledge, I started to analyse all the stocks in the Australian stock market before buying a stock. I could see that I had something going…my stock trading strategy and selection of stocks were helping me to selection stock portfolios that outperformed the market.

The problem I had, it took a long time to analyse all the stocks in the Australian market, and in the process, I was missing out on some opportunities in the market because I was manually analysing the stock data.

As scoring customers, or scoring products using analytical techniques is my daily job, I decided, why not start scoring stocks using these same analytical techniques. So, I build a stock trading system that automated my analytical process and helped me to save time in analysing the data. My stock trading system uses sophisticated statistical techniques to identify the trends and patterns in the stock data which indicate which stocks are likely to go up in price. The Aussie Stock App also uses machine learning techniques to identify which stocks are financially healthy.
Over the past 18 months, I worked with data analysts to back-test and refine my trading strategy and, also worked with developers to build my Aussie Stock App (Minimum Viable Product (MVP)).

My goal is to help beginner stock traders to make informed decisions when selecting stocks. I believe that by analysing the stock data, we make unbiased, robust decisions about a stock, based on what the stock data tells us. My stock trading method is short term. I would say typically 0 – 3months.

If you want to learn how to trade stocks in the ASX market, you can use Aussie Stock App to help you choose good stocks and then ‘paper trade’. In other words, no actual money is required. All you do, you assume that you bought the stock and then to manage your risk of losing money in the stock market, you place the stock in a watch list, you will set your target price (maybe 50% more than the current stock price) when to sell and your stop loss price (maybe 3% less than the current stock price) when to sell. This way you will gain experience and confidence in stock trading without losing any of your money.

If you are interested in the Aussie Stock App, it is free. After 1 month, there are optional in-app payments for the Stock Financial Health Ratings (scale 1-10) and the Stock Rating for the stock price likely to go up (scale 1-10). You can learn more about Aussie Stock App at

If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me on


What is Aussie Stock Trader

Aussie Stock Trader is an App that helps beginner traders to select stocks and make money. It utilizes machine learning techniques in selecting stocks. The main focus of the app is (1) Rating & Ranking of Stocks (2) Stock Recommendation (3) Social Trading. The app has a cross functional platform and is user friendly with great technology features for today traders. Performance of stocks that are recommended are  greater than the stock market performance. Please click on “Aussie Stock Trader”  below:

Aussie Stock Trader

How to Choose Stocks (ASX Market)?

As a beginner trader, it is very difficult to determine which stock to buy as there are more than 2000 stocks on the stock market. Further, there is so much information on the internet, so many stock videos, so many magazines…the information available is overwhelming.

So where  should a beginner stock trader start.I guess, the beginner trader would need to start off by at least reading a few books on stock trading, and maybe watching a few videos on stock trading,…just to wet their appetite. Then, I would recommend you also read some blogs on stock trading and find one that is easy to follow and helps you to better understand which stocks to choose.

Paper trading by playing stock market games is an enjoyable experience and also a learning experience whether you make money or not.

I have been trading stocks for many years now, but of course the methods I used when I first started trading stocks was more listening to what my stock broker had suggested to me. Over the last few years, I have being applying analytical techniques to stock data and making my stock choice based on the analytical results.

I would like to now share my stock analysis results and see how well my selected stocks perform.

Are you a beginner stock trader? Are you interested in learning how to select good stocks? Let me know how you as a beginner stock trade choose the stocks you buy.