What is Aussie Stock Trader

Aussie Stock Trader is an App that helps beginner traders to select stocks and make money. It utilizes machine learning techniques in selecting stocks. The main focus of the app is (1) Rating & Ranking of Stocks (2) Stock Recommendation (3) Social Trading. The app has a cross functional platform and is user friendly with great technology features for today traders. Performance of stocks that are recommended are  greater than the stock market performance. Please click on “Aussie Stock Trader”  below:

Aussie Stock Trader


How to Choose Stocks (ASX Market)?

As a beginner trader, it is very difficult to determine which stock to buy as there are more than 2000 stocks on the stock market. Further, there is so much information on the internet, so many stock videos, so many magazines…the information available is overwhelming.

So where  should a beginner stock trader start.I guess, the beginner trader would need to start off by at least reading a few books on stock trading, and maybe watching a few videos on stock trading,…just to wet their appetite. Then, I would recommend you also read some blogs on stock trading and find one that is easy to follow and helps you to better understand which stocks to choose.

Paper trading by playing stock market games is an enjoyable experience and also a learning experience whether you make money or not.

I have been trading stocks for many years now, but of course the methods I used when I first started trading stocks was more listening to what my stock broker had suggested to me. Over the last few years, I have being applying analytical techniques to stock data and making my stock choice based on the analytical results.

I would like to now share my stock analysis results and see how well my selected stocks perform.

Are you a beginner stock trader? Are you interested in learning how to select good stocks? Let me know how you as a beginner stock trade choose the stocks you buy.